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News and ideas

News from our recycling centres, waste management and ideas to help reduce your waste.

Your rubbish, your responsibility

Monday 8 October 2018
Fly tip on country lane including a sofa
Find out why it's a #CrimeNotToCare about how your waste is disposed in Essex.
Find out how to protect yourself and ensure your waste does not get fly tipped.
Recycling in the Bathroom
Discover how and where you can recycle your household waste.

How to go plastic free

Friday 7 September 2018
A range of plastic free items such as; cloth produce bags, metal straws, glass jars, bars of soap
Find out how you can take small steps to reduce the amount of plastic you throw away and protect the environment.

Claim £30 refund on cloth nappies

Tuesday 4 September 2018
Smiling baby surrounded by piles of clean laundry
Purchase any cloth nappies and claim your £30 refund.

Essex Community Reuse Fund

Tuesday 4 September 2018
Collage of images; The Essex Crowd, a dinosaur made out of waste electricals, car tyres made into flower beds and a garage full of items.
Have you got a community reuse project you want to make a reality? Find out how you could receive up to £1000 to support your idea

Instant Tortilla Pizza

Saturday 1 September 2018
This recipe is the perfect way to use up any tired looking veg and create your favourite pizza.
Autumn Leaves in Bags
Find out how to compost at home during the autumn season.
KeepCup at brightlingsea Lido
We’ve already pledged now it’s YOUR turn, simply complete the pledge and you could win a KeepCup.
Heart made of items of furniture
No need to leave unwanted items in the back of your cupboard. Find out how to pass them on!

Love your clothes

Monday 8 January 2018
Woman holding a bundle of clothes
Unused clothing doesn't always need to be thrown away. See how a bit of love and care can give your clothes a new lease of life after you've finished wearing them.
A lady passing books onto someone else.
Freegle is an online platform which matches people who have an item to give away with people who need that item. By using Freegle you will be helping people within your local community and saving items from going to waste.

How to run a give and take event

Wednesday 1 March 2017
Two people crossing hands to form a heart shape together
Find out how to run your own give and take to help people in your community!
Woman points to food waste in display
We're looking for enthusiastic volunteers to advocate for waste reduction by helping residents waste less and recycle more.

You just need a little spare time and plenty of enthusiasm!
Woman dropping tree clippings into compost bin
Compost garden waste with cheap home compost bins, water butts and more.
Man fixing a coffee machine with a screwdriver
Give broken electricals a new lease of life or find them a new home.

Help us avoid an explosive summer

Wednesday 27 July 2016
Camper using gas cannister
Stay safe this summer by carefully disposing of your small camping gas canisters.

How to stop junk mail

Tuesday 26 January 2016
Junk mail sticking through a mailbox
Junk mail isn't just a waste of paper, it's really annoying. Here's how to stop it.