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can someone else make use of your unwanted items

Young child unhappy with her Christmas gift

Thursday 21 December 2017

If you received an item this Christmas that you will never use but is too good to leave sat at the back of a cupboard? Well fear not! Here are 5 great ways to reuse those unwanted gifts:

  • Return it- if possible try and return to the shop it was purchased from. Even without the receipt you can exchange or get a credit note.
  • Pass it on - give items away to friends or family or on the free and easy local Freegle and Freecycle sites.
  • Donate it - give unwanted items to charity shops or one of the many reuse organisations around the county.
  • Sell it - why not make some money from your unwanted items. There are many selling sites such as Ebay and Gumtree or attending car boot sales.
  • Recycle it - could your item be made in to something new? Be creative and upcycle your items.

Essex Reuse shops are a great place to pick up good quality items at bargain prices.  Reuse shops operating in Essex are: