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Find out how to compost this autumn and winter

Autumn Leaves in Bags

Tuesday 31 July 2018

When the summer passes it is important to start collecting leaves to layer in your compost bin in between layers of green materials. Whether your compost bin is new or established, put aside extra leaves in a separate bag near your compost bin. You can then use them during the winter as a brown layer in between green materials. Autumn is also a good time of year to fill another compost bin, if you have any surplus material. You can always use any compost at the bottom of your first bin to kick start this other pile.

It remains important to keep turning your compost and breaking down materials in smaller pieces. You can also use any annual plants you pull out of the ground as a compost activator, as long as you keep the creatures that are attached to the uprooted soil.

Leaf mould is another popular activity during the autumn months when a lot of leaves have fallen from the trees. Collect as many leaves as you can and place them in a bin liner pierced with small holes. If they are too dry add a little bit of water from your butt. After two years of leaving them loosely tied and tucked away from sight you have leaf mould. This material can be used to sow seeds or mixed with other quality soil as rich potting compost.

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