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How do I compost at home?

Person adding food waste to composter

Tuesday 17 January 2017

How do I get the best out of my compost bin?

Home composting is easy to do.  However, there are some important stages in home composing for the process to work best.

Position - The ideal location to place your compost bin is a sunny spot on bare soil.

Content - Regularly fill the bin with 50% green ingredients (such as grass cuttings,  vegetable and fruit scraps and coffee grounds) and 50% brown ingredients (such as egg shells and boxes, newspaper, cardboard, dry leaves and twigs).

Aerate - At least once a week mix the compost with a garden fork.

Patience - Wait 9 – 12 months before the compost is crumbly and dark, then your compost is ready to use.

Use - Fork out the compost and spread it on borders and vegetable patches.


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