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Top Tips to Reduce your Plastic Usage

A range of plastic bottles

Friday 6 April 2018

Below are our 5 top ideas to reduce your use of unnecessary plastic:


1. Carry a reusable bottle

Plastic bottles are not always necessary. Why not buy yourself a reusable bottle and refill it? When it comes to water you can save yourself a lot of money by drinking tap water rather than bottled. This small change will protect the environment and your wallet.


2. Switch from single-use plastic to reusable

Straws, cutlery and coffee cups are great examples of items that need not be disposable. Instead choose reusable varieties that can be -used over and over again.


3. Experiment with plastic-free cleaning

Don’t forget that you can make your own cleaning products that don’t even require plastic. Why not consider using vinegar, which often comes in glass bottles, as the base for a natural and cheaper alternative to your cleaning needs?


4. Use refill stations

In the case that you do need to buy products in plastic containers, such as washing up liquid, there’s no need to keep buying new packaging every time. Instead you can visit your nearest refill station to top up your supplies.


5. Carry a reusable shopping bag

Although the recent plastic bag charge introduced in England has cut down the amount of single use carrier bags not all shops adhere to this rule. Therefore it is still important to carry with you a foldable bag that can be reused multiple times just in case you find something you like.