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Why should I compost at home?

Person adding scraps to their compost bin

Tuesday 17 January 2017

Why should I compost at home?

 There are many benefits to home composting. They include:

  • It saves you money – turns most kitchen and garden waste into a free supply of compost to use in your garden.
  • It is fun and educational – a natural process that is easy to do for all the family and provides compost in less than a year.
  • It helps the environment – cuts CO2 emissions as the waste doesn’t need to be transported.
  • It helps the local wildlife – compost bins provide homes for a number of small creatures such as worms, beetles and snails, who in turn provide food for birds, hedgehogs and other small mammals.
  • It helps you keep fit – regular gardening is great exercise for people of all ages.


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