Food recycling

It's not one-size fits all - make food recycling work for you

Sometimes food waste is unavoidable but by recycling your leftover food you not only reduce the environmental impact but create resources such as energy and fertiliser.

Disposing of food in the general rubbish is also costly. In fact, it’s costing Essex taxpayers £9 million a year to dispose of!

Remember, all food can be placed in your food recycling caddy, just make sure to remove any packaging first!

Hand placing a banana skin in a food recycling caddy.

What happens to your food recycling?

In Essex, food recycling is collected by your local council's waste and recycling crews and delivered to local processing plants. Anything that is not food, such as caddy liner bags or packaging, is then separated from the load.

The food is then processed and transformed into a biogas and fertiliser. This biogas is used to generate energy. By using this energy, it reduces our need to use fossil fuels.

Your local food recycling service

To find out more information about your food recycling service, please visit your local council’s website.

You will be able to find out:

  • collection days / times
  • what can and cannot be put in your food recycling
  • how to order a replacement food recycling container if yours has been lost or broken

Find your local council

Woman putting banana skin into a food recycling caddy

TV and YouTube campaign

Watch our 'Rubbish Rumours' series

If everyone recycles their food, then the positive impact is huge!

Watch as trashy-trio, Reggie, Donna and Harry debunk rubbish rumours around food recycling.

Find out how to reduce your food waste

Did you know you could save £60 a month by reducing your food waste?

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You can also use a home composting bin for some types of food waste.

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illustration of a tea bag powering a kettle

Did you know?

Recycling six tea bags in your food caddy generates enough energy to boil a kettle for another cuppa!

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