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Can you afford to throw £150 away?

Red and white background with a yellow fiat in the background. Take away litter and cigarette butts

Monday 9 September 2019


We all Love Essex and want to keep our county looking its best. But, keeping Essex clean and tidy is costing the tax payer over £17 million a year!

That’s why local authorities across Essex are working in partnership with KFC and McDonalds restaurants to continue the battle against litter. Anyone caught throwing litter out of their vehicle will now face increased Fixed Penalty Notices from £75 up to £150, or upon conviction in a court, a maximum fine of £2,500 plus all costs awarded.

Check out our car littering video on YouTube.

See it, report it

If you see someone littering you may be able to report it to your local authority. To do this you will need to provide:

  • Date and time of offence
  • Location
  • Descriptions of individual (or individuals) who committed the littering offence
  • Vehicle details; make, model, colour, registration
  • Type of litter

Please provide your contact details when you report littering, we may need to contact you to check details. The local authority may not be able to investigate a littering offence if contact details are not provided.

 Report a car littering incident here

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