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Claim £30 refund on cloth nappies in Essex

Baby lying among piles of clean colourful laundry

Monday 8 March 2021

Cloth nappies provide a great alternative to disposable nappies and can offer great cost, health and environmental benefits. That's why Essex County Council is offering a £30 refund on the purchase of any cloth nappies; including new or pre-loved cloth nappies.

To claim your refund you'll need to

Be a resident in statutory Essex (excludes Southend and Thurrock)

  • have a receipt for cloth nappies dated within the last 12 months
  • have a total purchase amount exceeding £30
  • only make one claim per baby

If eligible, complete our online form and upload

  • a scan/photo of your cloth nappy receipt/s
  • a scan/photo of your baby's birth certificate or maternity exemption

Claim your £30 refund on cloth nappies

The refund will be issued within 28 working days.

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