Competition to win a compost bin

Hands holding a trowel in fine compost.

Sunday 7 May 2023

This May brings us both International Compost Awareness Week and National Gardening Week. Adding compost to your garden leads to healthier, more resilient soil - making the garden a better place for plants, vegetables and wildlife.

In Essex, food and garden waste makes up 25% of the general waste we throw away. The more garden and food waste that can be composted at home, the better for your garden and the planet.

This spring, we’re offering residents the chance to win a HotBin Mini 100 litre Compost Bin which can break down food and garden waste quickly into nutrient-rich compost.

There are also two runner up prizes of one-year gift membership to the RHS.

HotBins trap the heat generated by the bacteria and microorganisms within the bin as they break down your food and garden waste. This speeds up decomposition, so you can get quality compost in just a few months.

The RHS is a leading gardening charity. Membership provides unlimited free days out to RHS Gardens, a monthly magazine, free expert advice and much more.

To enter the prize draw, you'll need to correctly answer 3 quick questions on composting…

Enter the competition

The competition will close on 31 May 2023 and winners will be notified in the week beginning 5 June. Terms and conditions apply.

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