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How to compost this summer

Compost Bin in Summer

Sunday 21 June 2020

Summer is a great time of year to compost at home. The higher temperatures will speed up the composting process. This is why placing your compost bin in a sunny spot in the garden helps the process.

Composting in the summer months

Those warm summer days will ensure your compost bin works hard over the next few months. The heat activates microorganisms to breakdown your compostable material even faster. It may even be enough to kill any weeds that may have accidentally been placed in your compost bin.

If you find the warm weather is drying out your compost bin too much, or are finding ants on the surface, this is a good indicator that you compost bins requires a little more moisture. Try adding fruit and vegetable peelings in the first instance, if you find the contents are still too dry you can always add a little water from your  

In contrast, if there are summer spells of heavy rain your bin may become waterlogged. This means that you will need to protect the micro-organisms. You can do this by covering the bin, or keeping the lid on, and by adding dry materials, such as shredded paper and cardboard.

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