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Compost Bin in Summer

Tuesday 31 July 2018

Compost bins in your garden will be working best during the summer months. The heat activates the micro-organisms to work even faster. This means that the materials you place into the bin will compost quickly and effectively. The high temperatures will also kill any weed seeds in the bin. This is why placing your compost bin in a sunny spot in the garden helps the process.

Getting too hot

Despite being the best season for home composting, the summer also brings some challenges.

If the weather is too hot with days without rain the contents of your bin may become too dry. If you find there are lots of ants on the surface this is a good indication that you need to add more moisture to the bin. You are best to add fruit and vegetable peelings to ensure that there is a 50/50 mixture of green and brown materials. If needed, you can also add some water from your water butt.

Getting too wet

In contrast, if there are summer spells of heavy rain your bin may become waterlogged. This means that you will need to protect the micro-organisms. You can do this by ensuring the bin is fully covered, and by adding brown, carbon-rich materials, such as shredded paper and cardboard.

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