Storage hacks

Hands sealing sweetcorn in a freezer bag surrounded by other fresh fruit and vegetables.

Monday 9 January 2023

Storing food correctly is an easy way to make your food last longer. This helps to avoid food waste as you’ll have more time to eat it before it spoils. It also saves you money if you don’t have to throw away food that could have been eaten!

Importance of storing your food correctly

By ensuring your food has been stored in the right place, it can help to prevent foodborne illnesses caused from harmful bacteria. It also preserves the quality and nutritional values of the food making it taste better!

If you are unsure about the best place to store an item of food, check out the Love Food Hate Waste A to Z of storage. Scroll down to find the food you are looking for, and you will see some great information about storage hacks and recipe ideas.

How to store common food items

Store in a cool, dark place:

  • bread
  • onions and garlic

Store in the fridge:

  • potatoes
  • meat and fish
  • most fruit and veg
  • eggs and dairy
  • mushrooms
  • leftover meals

Use bag clips or pegs to seal opened packets of food, such as crisps or sweets.

You can also use plastic containers or airtight tins to store opened packets of biscuits or cakes, keeping them fresher for longer.

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