Food waste diary

Red apple on top of a notebook with a pencil.

Monday 9 January 2023

Can you believe that 70% of all food wasted in the UK comes from our homes? Many of us might think that we don’t waste that much food, but it all adds up!

A great way to keep track of the food you are throwing away is to write a food waste diary. This will help you become aware of the types of food that are wasted more often, or how much food you throw away in an average week.

Get started with your food waste diary

To get started with your food waste diary, consider:

  • the type of food thrown out (such as bread, apples, sausages)
  • the amount of each food thrown away (for example, a slice of bread, 2 apples, half a can of beans)
  • why was it thrown away (such as it had gone mouldy, cooked too much, passed the ‘use-by’ date)?
  • how did you dispose of the food (for example, did you put it in your food caddy or compost bin?)?

Using your food waste diary

You can then refer to this diary to find out how you can rescue the foods you end up binning! This could be by storing them correctly or by popping them in the freezer before they go out of date.

More ideas to reduce your food waste