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Have items you no longer want? Freegle can help!

A couple moving a beige sofa

Tuesday 29 August 2017

Have you got items you no longer want? Freegle can help you to pass them on to new homes for free!

What is Freegle?

Freegle is an online platform which matches people who have an item to give away with people who need an item. By using Freegle you will be helping people in your local community and saving items from going to waste.

How do I pass an item on using Freegle?

  • Join your local Freegle group

  • Post a message on your local Freegle group with the item you wish to pass on

  • People who would like your item will message you

  • Choose who to pass your item on to and they collect from you

  • Sorted! You’ve passed your item on, helped someone in your community and saved an item from going to waste.

Find your local Freegle group:

Essex County Council cannot be responsible for the safety or description applied to any products supplied via our partners reuse/ recycling websites. We would strongly recommend that anyone wishing to obtain goods via this route seek advice on how to check the safety of consumer items.