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How to find the right Christmas tree

Close up image of a Christmas tree

Thursday 14 November 2019

We all want to know what the most environmentally friendly option is for choosing our perfect Christmas tree this year. The truth is there are lots of options. Read on to discover the right option for you.

Real Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees are often a better environmental option than buying a new artificial Christmas tree.

If you only want a tree for the Christmas season you may even be able to rent and return a potted tree. It may be worth checking your local garden centre to see if they offer this option.

If you decided to purchase a real Christmas tree without the pot you can reduce your environmental impact by buying locally grown trees and either composting or recycling your Christmas tree after the festive season. You may be able to find out how by visiting your local authority Christmas page.

Artificial Christmas trees 

Many of us already have artificial Christmas trees tucked away in the garage or loft. Although they are often made of plastic they can be used for many years. If you already have an artificial Christmas tree the best thing you can do is make good use of it over the festive season. The longer you keep reusing it, the better.

If you are in need of one or no longer want your artificial Christmas tree remember to use local buying and selling groups or use Freegle to either rehome or find one in your area. This will help reduce the environmental impact of buying new and save items from being thrown away.

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