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How to pick the right wrapping paper

Gift wrapped using brown paper, natural colour twin and festive greenery

Thursday 14 November 2019

Every Christmas an estimated 220,000 miles of wrapping paper is used across the UK. There are so many easy and festive options to help reduce this number.

Unrecyclable wrapping paper

Wrapping paper that is covered in glitter or made of foil is not recyclable, and much of this will end up in the bin. If you’re not sure if your wrapping paper is made of paper, scrunch it into a ball. If it springs back it’s probably made of foil and not recyclable. Check out this Recycle Now video to see the scrunch test.

Recyclable wrapping paper

There are lots of fun recyclable wrapping paper options that your friends and family will love and they may even save you some cash.

Do you have a family member who love football or cricket? Try wrapping their gifts in the sports section of the newspaper instead of wrapping paper. Newspaper wrapping is a great way to create a unique gift and use a material that’s probably already in your home.

Reuse pre-loved wrapping paper or tissue paper, and where you need to, buy recycled wrapping paper.

Save your wrapping paper for next year by folding it up and placing it in a box for easy storage.

You could even switch from plastic tape to paper tape or use ribbons and string. This ensures that all your wrapping is recyclable and fit for even the biggest eco-warrior!

Japanese Furoshiki

Ever heard of the Japanese art of Furoshiki? Wrap your gifts in scarves or fabric for a washable gift wrap that won’t rip or tear. Get creative and decorate your gift with pine cones or sprigs of mistletoe.

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