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Love Essex aims

Love Essex green logo

Wednesday 1 January 2020

Love Essex is an umbrella brand that acts on behalf of the Essex Waste Partnership and the Cleaner Essex group.

Through the Love Essex brand, we aim to inspire Essex residents to reduce the amount of waste they throw away, recycle more and reduce environmental crimes such as littering and fly-tipping.

Love Essex aims

Together we want to help make Essex a great place to grow, live and work by protecting the environment. Currently 52% of household waste in Essex is recycled, that’s above the national average of 45%. It’s great that we are now recycling more than we’re throwing away in Essex, but together we can do more by opting for preloved and reusable items and recycling all accepted items.

Love Essex objectives

Through a number of campaigns aimed to support residents to reduce waste and recycle more, Love Essex follows the waste hierarchy principle. The waste hierarchy encourages us to opt for the most environmentally friendly option first, and to use the least environmentally friendly option as a last resort:

  • Avoid waste by opting for reusable item in place of single-use products
  • Reuse items by purchasing or donating preloved items of furniture, clothing, toy etc.
  • Recycle as much as you can through your kerbside collection
  • Only throw away items that cannot be passed on or recycled.

Love Essex campaigns

Love Essex campaigns range from cloth nappies, home composting and furniture reuse, to projects aimed at reducing avoidable single-use items, littering and fly-tipping and are supported by a wide variety of community groups, social enterprises, businesses and individuals from across Essex, as well as our fantastic WasteBuster volunteers. Find out more about current Love Essex campaigns