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Man regulating the temperature on his fridge.

Tuesday 18 April 2023

Did you know that the average Essex household wastes £60 every month by throwing away food that could have been eaten? We’re giving you the chance to win this back!

Save food, save the environment and save money.

Sign the Essex Food Waste Pledge today!

Join us in the fight against food waste

Across 2023, take part in our monthly challenges to be in with a chance of winning £60 worth of supermarket vouchers!

If you subscribe to the Love Essex newsletter, you’ll receive monthly tips and inspiration for how you can reduce your food waste at home. By following some simple steps, you can do your bit for the planet and save yourself some serious cash at the same time!

Learn about why food waste is an issue

Check out our new short film that follows the story of a perfectly good apple that has been thrown into the general rubbish bin:

Monthly challenge

The challenge in May is to regulate the temperature of your fridge below 5 degrees, so it will keep your food fresh for longer. 

Many people don't know what the right fridge temperature should be. If kept too warm, food may go off quickly. Head over to Love Food Hate Waste to check the right settings for your fridge, and enjoy fresh food for longer!

Are you looking for more information? Head to our ideas section below to read about previous challenges and other tips to help you reduce food waste.

Enter this month's competition

Have you completed the food waste challenge for May? Let us know and enter this month's competition to win £60 in supermarket vouchers.

Enter the competition

Remember, you have to have signed the Essex Food Waste Pledge in order to be eligible for each of our monthly competitions. You only have to sign the pledge once in 2023 to be eligible for every competition.

If you sign up for the Love Essex newsletter, you’ll be kept updated with future challenges and chances to win. There will also be quarterly special editions, which will give you the chance to win other great prizes, such as an air fryer, soup maker, food processor or slow cooker!

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Ideas to help you reduce food waste