How to love your clothes

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Friday 1 January 2021

We want to reduce the amount of clothes and textiles thrown away in Essex. It’s estimated that in each Essex home about £1,200-worth of clothes lies forgotten and unworn. This clothing could easily be reused or recycled in Essex.

Please do not dispose of textiles in your general rubbish bins – unless you have stuffed textiles such as duvets and pillows which cannot be cleaned or donated.

How to reduce textiles being thrown away

Think before your buy. Do you really need it? If yes, consider purchasing something pre-owned or investing in good-quality clothing that will last longer. If you are thinking of throwing something away due to a hole or frayed seam? Why not try and repair it yourself?

If you have good-quality clothing that you no longer want, please consider:

Some local councils may also offer a kerbside collection of textiles: 

Textiles beyond reuse can be recycled

Textiles can be deposited at bring banks (also known as clothes banks) commonly found in car parks, supermarkets and town centres or in textile recycling banks at your local recycling centre.

What textiles can be recycled?

All curtains, blankets, bed linen, shoes and clothing. This includes: pillow cases, sheets, duvet covers, tights, underwear and odd socks. Please be aware that some bring banks limit which textiles they accept.

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