Make the most of your leftovers

Fridge shelf of plastic containers with leftovers and a sign reading Love leftovers, eat me first.

Monday 9 January 2023

Leftovers are something to be celebrated! On those busy days when you really can’t be bothered to cook, there’s nothing better than having a delicious meal ready to reheat.

Batch cooking

By planning how to make the most of your leftovers, you can purposefully cook more than you need for one meal and then portion it out for another day.

Leftovers are brilliant for lunch the following day, or you can pop your leftovers into containers and freeze them for a rainy day.

Another bonus is that it can save you money! Cooking for one or two people can work out more expensive, so it’s often more cost-effective to batch cook bigger portions. It could also mean you won’t be tempted to buy lunch when you’re out and about which will help save those pennies!

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you to love your leftovers, it’s a fantastic way to reduce food waste. If you’re cooking bigger batches, it's easier to use up all your ingredients and you may be less likely to have half an onion or a handful of mushrooms left over.

Leftover inspiration

The beauty of leftovers is you can have the same delicious meal again, or you can turn it into something new! For example, if you made a large batch of chilli, why not make stuffed peppers or a burrito?

Leftovers in the fridge should be eaten within 2 to 3 days, so don’t forget the freezer is your friend!

If you’re struggling for ideas on what to make with your leftovers, Love Food Hate Waste have a fantastic recipe finder!

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