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Recycling centre temporary restrictions

Sign of recycling centre for household waste

Friday 31 July 2020

All recycling centres are currently open. Wherever possible, please use alternative ways to get rid of your waste. If you do visit a recycling centre, expect long delays as we limit cars on the site. Social distancing and new site restrictions are also in place.

Do not visit if you are shielding, self-isolating or showing any symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Advice for recycling centre visits

The safest way to get rid of your waste or recycling is using your kerbside collection.

If you decide to visit a site, please consider the following:

  • visits are likely to take longer than normal so expect long queues
  • don't queue before the site opens - this stops site staff and collection crews from accessing the depots
  • long queues outside the sites can add to local traffic congestion - you may be asked to move on if you're causing an obstruction
  • consider switching off your engine when queuing - this will help to keep air pollution levels down for other site users and staff
  • vans are only allowed at sites which previously accepted vans
  • unloading vans will take longer and cause delays for other site users
  • wear a face covering if possible

We haven't put a booking system in place at the sites. This has enabled us to meet the immediate demand and to allow residents to easily access the service and dispose of their waste. A booking system would not have removed queues entirely and would have resulted in far fewer residents accessing the sites on a daily basis.

Temporary recycling centre rules

New temporary site restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of residents and site staff.

Please follow site staff instructions, treat site staff with respect and be considerate of other site users.

These temporary restrictions will be reviewed regularly and may be subject to change:

  • vehicle numbers on site will be limited and controlled at the gate with a one in, one out system
  • site staff will be directing traffic and will show you where to park
  • sites are subject to temporary closures during busy periods
  • only one person to exit each vehicle unless you have a large item to unload
  • maintain social distancing from site staff and other site users at all times
  • site staff are unable to help remove items from your vehicle
  • only one person is allowed on stairs or walkways at any one time
  • users are not allowed to park their vehicle outside the site and walk waste into the site
  • site staff reserve the right to prevent vans and trailers from accessing sites during busy periods
  • onsite compost sales are suspended

Please note that normal site restrictions still apply.

The effect on fly-tipping

Fly-tipping is continually monitored by local councils, but so far there is no evidence that fly-tipping in Essex has increased due to site closures. While some areas have recently seen slight increases, other areas have seen decreases in fly-tipping. These trends are in line with what we would usually see at this time of year. Fly-tipping is an illegal offence and local councils continue to work hard to investigate crimes and clear fly-tips. 

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