See the Love Essex team in action at Apple Day!

Overview of the Love Essex stand and mobile kitchen, with people watching the cooking demonstration.

Friday 3 November 2023

Apple Day, Cressing Temple Barns, 8 October 2023

The Love Essex team took part in this year's Apple Day, and what a fun day that was! We talked to more than 1,100 visitors about how we are all trying to reduce food waste. It was great to hear their stories, exchange tips and learn recipes to rescue leftovers from the bin. This helps to protect the planet and saves money too.

More people signed the Love Essex, Love Food pledge and took part in the competition to win £60 in supermarket vouchers!

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Cooking demonstrations

The highlight of the day was watching "Zero Waste Chef" Tristan Welch prepare three recipes, all based around apples of course! Tristan and the Love Essex team chose three easy and tasty recipes that anyone can replicate at home. If you have any foods that are about to go off, you can always use them to substitute for similar ingredients.

Try your hand at Tristan’s recipes and find your favourite: