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Tips for using cloth nappies in winter

Many cloth nappies on a high washing line with a tree to the right and blue sky in the background

Wednesday 1 January 2020

The wet and chilly British winter weather can be a challenge when using cloth nappies. However there are still many great reasons to keep the cloth nappy love in winter. If you are struggling with washing and drying cloth nappies in winter, then remember you could always use cloth nappies part-time. If you were to use just one cloth nappy every day, that would still be 365 fewer disposable nappies going to waste in a year.

Drying cloth nappies in winter

If you are struggling to get cloth nappies dry in the winter months, you can always finish them off for 10 minutes in the tumble dryer. Make sure to use a low temperature setting, it’s still much cheaper than using disposable nappies and on average 40% better for the environment.

Take advantage of dry and bright winter days. Line drying even in the winter will help to air them and remove some of the moisture. You can always finish them off inside.

If possible select a high spin setting on your washing machine, this will help to remove moisture from your washing and reduce the time it takes to dry your clothes.

Cloth nappies planning ahead

If you use cloth nappies, then you will always have nappies at home. Try to make sure you have a system to have some cloth nappies clean, some drying and some ready to be washed, that way you should never run out (especially when it’s cold and miserable outside!).

It’s always helpful to have a few extra nappy inserts. Cloth nappies can sometimes dry quicker than the inserts, therefore having a few extra inserts will come in handy. Alternatively you could try microfiber inserts as they are fast drying.

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