Get started with home composting in Essex

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Friday 1 March 2024

Composting is a natural process that turns your food and garden waste into soil improver for your garden. By composting at home, you can reduce the amount of waste needed to be processed elsewhere. In Essex, food and garden waste makes up 25% of the general waste we throw away.

To help Essex residents get started with home composting, you can purchase a subsidised compost bin for your garden. You can also try our free online course – find out all about the benefits of composting at home and how to get started.

Great reasons to compost at home

After purchasing a compost bin, there is no other expense. In fact, over time, composting will save you money. Compost your food waste such as fruit and vegetable peelings, with your garden waste. You will create a free soil improver that you can use on your garden. This will also reduce your carbon emissions, as there is no need to transport and process this waste. It doesn’t even take long to see the results. Your soil improver should be ready in just 9 to 12 months.

By composting at home you will be creating a great environment for insects such as worms and beetles. They will work hard digesting your food and garden waste into valuable soil improver. By encouraging insects, you may also encourage other wildlife such as garden birds, hedgehogs and maybe even slow-worms.

Not only is home composting a great activity for your garden, but a great excuse to spend more time outside. It’s fun for the whole family and the perfect introduction for children to learn about nature and wildlife. 

Try composting at home

To help Essex residents get started with home composting, we offer subsidised compost bins.

To purchase a subsidised compost bin:

  • You must live in statutory Essex (which doesn't include Southend and Thurrock)
  • Have the compost bin delivered to your Essex address
  • Choose between either a 220l or 330l sized compost bin
  • You can purchase two of the same size compost bins and get a further 50% off the price of the second bin

The compost bins are made from recycled plastic and require no set-up. All you need to do is enter your Essex postcode and your discount will be automatically applied.               

Purchase your compost bin today

However, if a compost bin is not for you, you can always build your own compost heap from materials that you have lying around.

Free online composting training

If you’re new to composting, or want to discover more successful techniques, you might like our free online course. Provided by Garden Organic you can find out all about the benefits of composting at home and how to get started.

The course has five modules that you can select, from basics to in depth knowledge, including videos and quizzes. Each section lasts 10 to 20 minutes. You can just stick with the basics or go through everything if you wish - all at your own pace. You can come back to the course at any time, so it doesn’t have to be completed at once.

Login to the free composting course

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