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Why should I compost at home?

Person adding scraps to their compost bin

Thursday 1 August 2019

By composting at home, people in the UK divert 100,000s tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill. But people who compost at home also save money, get a quality soil improver to nourish their gardens and offer the perfect home for local insects.

Save money

After purchasing a compost bin, there is no other expense. In fact, over time, composting will save you money. The food and garden waste that you compost will create a free supply of soil improver to use to enrich your garden. That means you won't need to spend so much money on store-bought compost.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Composting at home means you are doing your bit to help the environment. By composting your food and garden waste you are cutting down on CO2 emissions required to transport and treat your waste. This way you're becoming more self-sufficient and giving back to your garden.

Give homes to local wildlife

Whether you have a compost bin or heap, the local wildlife are an essential part of the natural process. By composting at home you are creating a home for a large number of insects and small creatures such as worms, ants, beetles and snails. In return for giving them a home in your garden, they work hard to turn your food and garden waste into a valuable resource.

Have fun and keep fit

Composting at home is just one activity that you can do in the garden that can keep you fit. It is fun and easy to do for all the family, and is also educational for children to learn about nature. Plus, because you should get your soil improver in less than a year, it doesn't take long to see the impact you make.

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