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Your waste and recycling is collected by Brentwood Borough Council. Your nearest recycling centres are Coxtie Green and Mountnessing.

Recycling waste

In Brentwood your recycling is collected weekly in your red box and orange recycling sacks.

Put these in your orange recycling sacks:

  • aerosol cans - must be empty
  • aluminium foil - clean 
  • cardboard
  • catalogues
  • computer paper
  • drink and food cans - aluminium and steel
  • drink and food cartons, such as Tetrapak
  • envelopes, including window types
  • greetings cards
  • junk mail
  • metal screw tops and bottle tops
  • paper - newspapers, magazines, office paper and shredded paper
  • plastic bottles - including caps
  • plastic cartons - including clean yogurt pots and ice cream tubs
  • telephone directories.

Leave out:

  • glass - please use the red box 
  • bubble wrap, polystyrene or cling film
  • textiles
  • food waste.

Glass and bottles

Put these in your red recycling box:

  • green, blue, brown and clear glass
  • beer, wine and spirit bottles
  • glass jam jars and other food jars

Food waste

Use your small food waste caddy in your kitchen and when full, empty into your larger outside food waste bin.

Put these in your kitchen caddy:

  • raw and cooked fruit, vegetables, meat and fish, including bones
  • dairy products
  • bread, cakes and pastries
  • rice, pasta and beans
  • uneaten food from plates and dishes
  • tea bags and coffee grounds.

Leave out:

  • plastic bags
  • liquids
  • solid fats
  • animal food waste
  • packaging.

Garden waste

You can hire a brown garden waste bin for £41 for the year, including 25 collections fortnightly.

Put these in your brown garden waste bin:

  • grass cuttings
  • hedge cuttings
  • weeds
  • tree cuttings of under 15cm diameter, and must fit inside the bin
  • flowers and plants
  • twigs
  • leaves
  • Christmas trees shorter than 180cm

Leave out:

  • soil and compost
  • plant pots
  • stones and rocks
  • gardening tools
  • kitchen waste
  • animal waste
  • harmful weeds, such as common ragwort, Japanese knotweed, spear thistle, field thistle, broad-leaved dock, curled dock, Himalayan balsam and giant hogweed.

Bulky waste

Brentwood Council collects old, unusable furniture and appliances like fridges and freezers at £10 per item - minimum charge £20. Ask for a bulky waste collection online or call 01277 312500.

If your bulky item is in re-usable or repairable condition, contact Lighthouse Furniture Project or use Re-use Essex to find a charity or company that will collect.

Bulky waste collection includes:

  • armchairs
  • barbecues
  • baths – plastic and acrylic only
  • bed bases
  • folding beds
  • cabinets
  • benches – wooden
  • bicycles
  • bookcases
  • carpet - call 01277 312500, as the bulky waste collection team will need to visit
  • chairs
  • chest of drawers
  • cooker – up to 600mm standard size only
  • cupboard
  • desk
  • dishwasher
  • display unit
  • door
  • dressing table
  • dustbin
  • exercise bike
  • freezer - upright or chest (US fridge/freezers not accepted)
  • fridge (US fridge/freezers not accepted)
  • fridge freezer (US fridge/freezers not accepted)
  • lawnmower - domestic
  • linoleum - one room
  • mattress
  • microwave
  • hi-fi
  • oven or hob - single gas or electric
  • pouffe
  • satellite dish aerial
  • sink
  • sofa
  • step ladder – up to five steps only
  • table - coffee
  • table - dining (including chairs)- £20 the set
  • table - garden (including chairs) - £20 the set
  • television
  • television aerial
  • television stand
  • toilet
  • tumble dryer
  • underlay - one room
  • vacuum cleaner
  • wardrobe - one unit
  • washing machine.

Call 01277 312500 if your item does not appear on this list.

Non-recyclable household waste

All non-recyclable household waste can be disposed of in your weekly wheeled bin collection.

Check that rubbish can’t be recycled or composted before putting in your grey bin. Don’t forget all food waste should go in your food bin.

Leave these out of your wheeled bin:

  • Bricks, rubble, bags of concrete, plasterboard, asbestos
  • Commerical, industrial or clinical waste
  • Car/motorbike parts and tyres
  • House clearances (please use the bulky waste collection or contact local charity shops)
  • Sheds, coal bunkers, garage doors, oil tanks
  • Hazardous waste (car batteries, pesticides etc)
  • Electrical and electronic equipment - please these to your nearest recycling centre

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