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Love Your Period - FAQs

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Friday 17 September 2021

Are reusable period products safe?

Unlike tampons, there’s no risk of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) from pads and pants since they are worn externally. There is also no risk of TSS from a menstrual cup because they collect rather than absorb blood. As long as you change your products and clean them regularly, they are all perfectly safe to use!

How long can I expect reusable period products to last?

Most cloth pads and pants are estimated to last up to five years if they’re properly cared for. Some people say theirs last even longer than that. A menstrual cup can last up to 10 years.

Where can I learn more about reusable period products?

We recommend starting with these helpful links:

Can anyone wear a cup?

Yes. Menstrual cups come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles so that you can find the right one for you.

Can I use a cup if I have an IUD?

Yes, but you need to make sure to pinch the base of the cup when removing it to break the suction/seal. This should be done for all cup users but it’s especially important for those with an IUD so that you don’t accidentally pull it down.

Can a cup get lost or stuck?

No. The cup has nowhere to go so it’s impossible for the cup to get lost or stuck.

How many cloth pads will I need?

The number of pads you’ll need will vary depending on how heavy your period is and how often you change your pads. You’ll want to have enough pads to cover at least a few days of your period so that you can wash some and wear them again. Generally, a dozen pads should be more than enough!

How do I find the right pad for my needs?

The right pads for you will depend on your flow. If you have a heavier flow, you’ll want to go for thicker pads and likewise if you have a lighter flow, you can opt for the thinner pads. One way to get started is to measure the disposable pads that you like and order similar sized cloth pads.

Will cloth pads leak?

Cloth pads are made to be very absorbent. They are made to attach securely to your underwear, so they won’t slip or leak. Just like disposable pads, you’ll need to change them regularly to ensure they aren’t saturated.

Can I use cloth pads immediately after giving birth?

Cloth pads can be a great option postpartum because they’re very comfy and absorbent. It may be best to choose thicker, longer pads in this case. Many women soak their pads in soothing ingredients before freezing them for postpartum wear!

Can I use cloth pads for incontinence?

Cloth pads are great for light incontinence. Cloth pads are comfortable and breathable, so they won’t chafe and irate your skin like disposables.

Can I wear period pants by themselves or do I need to wear them with other products?

This is up to you! It depends on your flow. If you have a heavy period, you may feel more secure by doubling up your reusable period products. For example, wearing a reusable pad attached to your period pants.

Can period pants be used for postpartum bleeding?

Yes they can! But it depends on your blood loss. Choose the thicker, heavy absorbency pants but you might need to wear them in conjunction with some reusable pads.

Do period pants leak?

Period pants are designed not to leak. But to be sure, opt for period pants which have a waterproof lining.

Can I wear period pants for incontinence or light bladder leakage?

Yes! Period pants with waterproof layers can be a great solution for light incontinence.

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