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Perimenopause, pregnancy and incontinence

Panty liners and a pink menstrual cup

Friday 17 September 2021


Perimenopause is a period before menopause which can last several years. People who experience perimenopause are usually in their mid-40s to mid-50s and personal experiences will vary. Some of the most common symptoms experienced during this time include unpredictable periods and/or heavier, longer, shorter or lighter periods. Reusable period products can help! A menstrual cup can provide an easy way to keep track of how much you’re bleeding which can be useful information for your doctor to have. They also hold 2-4x more than a large tampon. Period pants and reusable sanitary pads provide a comfortable, soft way to protect yourself from any unexpected leaks or sensitivity.


Reusable maternity pads are the same as period pads and can be used for your usual menstrual period as well. They are available in a wide variety of sizes and absorbencies to fit your period, pregnancy or postpartum needs. For example, they are absorbent enough to help during unexpected pregnancy leaks. In addition, reusable pads make a great alternative to disposable hospital pads as they are made from a super soft and comfortable material. It may be best to choose thicker, longer pads in this case. And many women soak their pads in soothing ingredients before freezing them for postpartum wear!


If you experience light leaks during exercise or in day-to-day life, reusable pads or period pants can help. These reusables are super soft, discreet and absorbent! They can be used again and again so they save a huge amount of waste from disposables.

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