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Period pants

A pair of black and red period pants with a blue menstrual cup and a white reusable sanitary pad.

Friday 17 September 2021

Period pants are essentially a pair of underwear with a built-in pad. They come in various sizes, flows and designs to fit your needs. They can be a great option for night-time as there’s no risk of leaks or slippage.

How do I use them?

Simply pop them on! You can wear each pair of period pants for as long as you’re comfortable with or overnight depending on your flow.

How do I clean them?

Before you use your new period pants, it’s best to pop them in the wash. This will not only clean them but increase their absorbency. Whether you’re washing your pants for the first time or after your period, you can put them into a normal wash on a 40’ cycle but don’t add fabric softener, as this can affect the absorbency of the material inside the pads.

When you’re finished using your first pair, rinse and twist them under cold water until the water runs clear – this helps to protect the fabric and prevent staining.

When you’re ready to put on a dark wash, pop your pants in on a 40℃ cycle. Avoid using fabric softener when washing the pants as this can lessen the absorbency of the fabric.

Once your pants are clean, hang them up to air dry.

What do our residents say?

“All of a sudden, it clicked for me one day that my period was creating so much waste. I decided to try reusable period products in an attempt to be more eco-friendly. First, I tried a menstrual cup but it just didn’t work for me, maybe because I’m not used to using tampons. Then I tried reusable pads and period pants and I LOVE them so much! They are so soft and comfortable; they make my period a little bit easier to handle!” – Amanda

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