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How to plan the perfect Christmas day

Christmas table, glasses of drink, Christmas cracker and lots of Christmas lights

Thursday 14 November 2019

Preparations for the big day often start in November, from buying Christmas presents to planning how many family and friends you will be cooking for on Christmas Day. Find out how a good plan can get you ahead on the big day.

Family and friends

Find out how many people you will be cooking for on Christmas day ahead of time. That way you can check out this Christmas portion planner to cook just the right amount on the day.

Shopping list

Once you know how many people are coming on Christmas, you can start making your shopping list. This is a great way to keep cost down as you only purchase the things you need. Another fantastic tip for shopping, is to never shop hungry! People often purchase more when they are hungry, Supermarkets know this and often try to tempt us to purchase more.


Of course, a big part (if not the biggest part) of Christmas is sharing Christmas dinner with family and friends, but celebrations need not end on the 25 December. Make Boxing Day another day to remember by serving up those delicious leftovers from Christmas Day.

Each year 263,000 turkeys, 7 million mince pies and 170 tonnes of sprouts are thrown away. Once cooled store your leftovers in an airtight container in the fridge or even freezer. Perfect for a turkey sandwich, but if you are looking for something more adventurous check out lots of recipe ideas at Love Food Hate Waste.

After the big day

The Christmas festivities often mean we have lots of cardboard, paper, as well as glass bottles and jars. Remember to remove any tape, glitter sections or decorations from cards, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes and give your glass bottles and jars a quick rinse and pop the lids back on. Then pop them in your kerbside recycling.

Remember to check your local authority website to find out what plastics you can recycle. All plastic bottles are recyclable. Give them a quick rinse, squash and pop the lids back on, then place in your kerbside plastic recycling.

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