Love your food this festive season

A table decorated with fir tree branches and candles, and a variety of dishes.

Monday 27 November 2023

The winter festivities are a time when we enjoy food and may cook more than usual. To try and save food from ending up in the bin, we have put together the best tips from this year’s Love Essex, Love Food campaign in a handy checklist:

  • Start a food waste diary and set yourself a target to reduce your food waste over the festive period
  • Plan your menu and just buy the quantities you need
  • Most shops stay open during the holidays, so you can always get a last-minute top up, rather than buying large quantities in advance. Consider that you may be eating away from home on some days
  • If you live in a shared household, cooking and eating together is a great way to save food and money
  • Let your guests serve themselves, rather than serving standard portions for everyone. Be sure to know the best ways to store your leftovers. Eat up what’s in your freezer in advance to make space. Make the most of your batch cooking by freezing in portions
  • Check date labels so you know what needs eating first
  • If you end up with too much food, or fancy a bargain, use apps like Olio or Too Good To Go to get and give food in your area.